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FlipClips offers a whole new way to share you digital videos and valuable memories. Convert your short videos into innovative flip books with FlipClips.com. Preserve precious moments and share them as great gifts with various different sizes of flip books For Corporate Promotions, Gifts, Keepsakes, Weddings, Babies and Kids, Pets, and Sporting Events, use Flip Clips to share you videos. For an affordable, creative gift, convert up to 30 seconds of video footage into a FlipClip.
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FlipClips coupon code - Must-know facts

FlipClips coupon code
When putting together our website we compiled some advice on making the best out of your FlipClips coupon codes online. Before going any further, confirm that you are looking at a coupon suitable for the FlipClips offer of your choice. The coupon description should carry all the information you need. It occurs that certain FlipClips deals are activated depending on the landing page and do not need a coupon code. Then go and place a FlipClips order while respecting the conditions of the coupon code and you will save at checkout.
In general, using a coupon code is easy. While each online store is a little different, most have you enter in the coupon code during checkout. Once you typed in the FlipClips coupon code, wait for the page to refresh and reflect the new price. If you don't see the change, the most common reason is due to exclusions or an expired code. While every precaution is taken to validate FlipClips coupon codes before publishing them, we are clueless when the problem comes from upstream, as the store alone is responsible for data accuracy.

It's also important to remember that, should you have a problem with a FlipClips coupon code, you may contact the FlipClips customer service to assist you.
We are doing our best to provide you with useful advice and fresh coupons from FlipClips every week. Please share this page with your friends and do not hesitate to come back to us with your suggestions.

What about these codes

Online stores are specially designed to allow visitors to use coupon codes when placing orders over the Internet. This is a form of rebate or special discount available only to online shoppers, although printable vouchers are listed on the site as well and accepted by their issuing merchants in their physical stores. The codes listed are not specific or unique to our website, unless we state so - they are collected through affiliate programs and presented to you in a filtered form - we take special care to eliminate expired/obsolete codes from our selection almost on daily basis.

Various kinds of coupons you can you find online

Manufacturer Coupons

Probably the most common coupons, they are generally found in newspapers, magazines, on cereal boxes or in your mail. Most of the times the manufacturer accepts claims from retailers and allows them to redeem the coupons collected for cash or in the form of a letter of credit for future orders, while end-users get the rebate directly in the store.

Retailer Coupons

Most retailers will start sending you these if you register in their loyalty program and allow them to direct-mail you. Others push them in local newspapers, newsletters or mail-in forms. Depending whether you are looking at a store-wide coupon or a product-specific, the manufacturer might be involved offsetting some of the advertising costs directly or through special pricing.

Online Printable Coupons

When coupons go green, they are called printable coupons. You guessed - stores publish these on their websites or e-mail them to their registered customers, who have the option to print and bring the coupon in store if interested in the promotion.

Online Coupon Codes

The digital version of retailer coupons - these are codes that entitle the buyer to a discount or special offer if applied during the final steps of an online purchase on the retailer's website.

Questions asked regularly by our visitors

Q: Why can't I find any FlipClips coupon codes on this page?
A: Not all FlipClips coupons or promotions require a code in order to receive a discount. But when they do, make sure you use them. Each merchant operates differently, some offer coupon codes more often than others.

Q: I have already purchased from FlipClips with this coupon code. Later on I wanted to buy another item and the coupon did not work anymore. Why is happening?
A: Check the terms and conditions of the FlipClips coupon code you have already used. It might apply only to first-time buyers or only once/buyer. If still in doubt, reach us via the contact form provided on the website.

Q: If the price I pay includes your affiliate commission, would I get a better deal through direct negotiation with the store's representatives?
A: The affiliate commission is very small for most of the advertised products. It is intended to cover the cost of the advertising done by the affiliates and make their operations profitable. Think of it in terms of the margin retail stores add when reselling products, in exchange for the convenience of finding everything fresh and in a single place. It is unlikely to get a better discount from the store since dealing with you individually might not be cost-effective for them. Yet you can try and reach FlipClips directly if you wish so.

Q: Some deals do not display a coupon. Will I be forced to click on a link to reveal the code?
A: No way! We operate from Ireland and participate in the UK affiliate market. As a direct consequence, our website adheres strictly to the Affiliate Marketing Council's recommendations to ensure that traffic from affiliate sites sent to merchants is not done in a misleading or confusing way and that consumers receive a good user experience.

Q: I have found a FlipClips coupon code on your website that does not work. What should I do?
A: Tell us, by all means. Use the contact form and share your findings. It might be our mistake as in listing an expired FlipClips coupon code or a communication problem with the merchant - the proper information about the validity of the coupon was not shared with the affiliates. Although unlikely, you might want to take into consideration that refreshing the coupon codes can take 2-5 days and you could have checked just before a content update on our website. Let us know, nevertheless.

In Lean Times, Online Coupons Are Catching On

You can't keep a bargain a secret online, which is essential to survive an economic crisis.
With online retail sales falling for the first time, online merchants are now using coupons as a way to draw the consumer in with a simple code to receive hugh discounts.

People love to share their latest bargain busting deals online on pages with extravagant names like Budget Fashionista or via social networks.
Lots of online shoppers are saving huge percentages on their bill every month .

Tavon Ferguson, a 25-year-old graduate student in Atlanta, became obsessed with finding online deals last spring, while planning her July wedding. She scoured the Web for coupons and got free save-the-date cards, $8 bracelets for her bridesmaids and free shipping on flash-frozen steaks for the rehearsal dinner. I was able to do my wedding at a price that nobody would even guess - $6,000, all included, Mrs. Ferguson said.

Surfing for online coupons is growing in popularity. Last September, 19 million people visited a coupon site, according to comScore Media Metrix, up 33 percent from the year before. The control has shifted from retailer to consumer, forcing retailers to rethink their strategy and become more competitive.

Generally, companies prefer limited discounts, e-mailed to a select group of customers or sent inside packages with a purchase. When the coupons get wider exposure, retailers lose control, potentially costing them more money than they expected.

Sites that advertise coupons can promote shops and companies far better than alternative marketing strategies. For example, when Gabriel Presso founded DTCdeals.com in 2008, he had deals for only 180 merchants, and many of them were based in Europe. Today, over 1,500 merchants, including Dell, Target, Home Depot and Victoria's Secret, send him exclusive promotions - totalling about a thousand a week.
Coupon sites often rely on customers to submit coupons codes they find online. You will be able to see whether the coupons work or not. Websites will make sure you are informed about the latest deals if you subscribe to their mailing list. Coupon sites are often run by people who see that a lot of money can be made through this medium.
Some coupon-scouting tips: a simple use of the search tool can open up a lot more promotions and options for you considering that popular sites may be able to provide better offers.

Adrian Thompson, who does all his shopping online, says don't just accept that there is no coupon for a certain item, it might just be well hidden. Adrian loves shopping online and outside the home, so using coupons gives him that extra bit of variety. I used to be a little bit apprehensive of using coupons online, he said. However, now I definitely use them all the time, they are a great way of making shopping easier and move affordable.

To assist you discover the most appropriate FlipClips coupon codes and FlipClips sale deals without difficulty, DTCdeals.com lists many FlipClips bargains by tag for your benefit.
The coupon codes, marketing codes and discount codes above are tagged as FlipClips and assigned to various categories. To get the lowest cost and even save the most if you order online from FlipClips, you need to compare the above deals, quite simple but can save big! Utilizing FlipClips coupons is a wise way to help save money. To better explain this e-shopping method, we give some tips on it and have high hopes our info will benefit you.
To begin with, use proper and accurate keywords to get FlipClips coupon codes. The keywords might be FlipClips coupon codes, FlipClips ecoupons, FlipClips promotional codes, FlipClips promo codes, FlipClips special codes, or FlipClips discount codes.
Secondly, review various FlipClips coupon codes for one and the same product and select the one that saves you more. Many times, one may sometimes find out more than a single FlipClips coupon code issued by a web-based merchant. As a result, make sure you check deals properly and work with the most suitable one. Furthermore, please look closely at the stackable FlipClips coupon codes, meaning the online codes that can be utilized with other FlipClips special offers.
Thirdly, read the FlipClips coupon limits for instance expiration date thoroughly. As some FlipClips coupon codes only last a short time, some even a few hours.
Fourthly, start looking for the various FlipClips coupon codes several weeks before you take action to shop, and be available for hooking the top FlipClips coupon for your e-shopping, since most merchants give different FlipClips discount coupon codes in different times. The easiest way to saving big is keeping your eyes glued to the changing coupon codes before you start. You might think the 'watch' job is time-consuming and irritating. Simply bookmark this page or register to receive the newsletter.
In the end, we wish you can get the right FlipClips coupon codes and benefit from great discount or bonus. Haven fun with your online purchase!