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iCarly 2: iJoin the Click! for $19.50

Become immersed in the world of iCarly and fully interact with its awesome cast of personalities. Hang out with Carly, Sam and Freddie at locations from the show, such as Groovie Smoothie, the Pacific Place Mall, and even Carly's apartment. Compete in a series of fun challenges and mini-games to help out the gang. Help with LIVE in 5! Mode by choosing props for the set, adjusting the crew, and and working to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. Be there as Carly Shay and her two best friends, Sam and Freddie, create a webcast for and about kids their age while grappling with everyday tween problems and adventures
Posted 11 years ago
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iCarly 2: iJoin the Click!
$19.50 $29.99

PS3 Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard Bundle for $16.76

Four different modes built into the game include: Challenge, Speed, Trick, and Free Skate ? in epic locations across the globe. Includes the Innovative 'Ride' board controller featuring motion sensing technology, smart sensors, a contoured base and a gritty surface to ensure a good grip. With no complicated control schemes to master, the game is designed to allow players to get on the board and start mastering the 100+ built in moves from the beginning. Eight player multiplayer and online play support lets you and your friends feel the thrill of skateboarding together. Multiple difficulty levels make the game a fun and challenging experience for people of all skill levels.
Posted 11 years ago
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PS3 Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard Bundle
$16.76 $39.99