Horrible Bosses (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) (2011) for $9.49

Over the top Ridiculous Yes, indeed. But Horrible Bosses is actually a truly hilarious movie that wings along on the strength of its leading actors and their amazing chemistry--and on its great high-concept premise. Three friends, Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), and Dale (Charlie Day), commiserate about their three respective Horrible Bosses. And yes, each is the worst kind of HR nightmare. Nick's boss is Dave (Kevin Spacey, terrific), a control-freak megalomaniac. Kurt's is Bobby (an almost unrecognizable Colin Farrell), a skeevy cokehead. And Dale's is Julia (Jennifer Aniston, having so much fun it's contagious), a sexual harasser who never misses an opportunity to prey (or swear).

Posted 8 years ago
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Horrible Bosses (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) (2011)
$9.49 $28.98


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